Citrus Raisin Bites

I, like us all, are subject to a snack attack. I’m currently battling an ongoing sugar addiction that has been controlling my appetite for weeks! These babies are the product of a strong need for sugar today, and wow they’re my new favourite treat, no kidding.

To be honest, this recipe sort of ‘happened’. I started off by making the bites and without the citrus until I remembered I had a lemon in the fridge and the idea hit me.

I was quite taken aback by the flavour that the lemon gave these bites, purely heavenly!

So I’m gunna keep this post short, as these babies are all about quick, simple and affordable snacking for sugar cravings ✌🏼



100g raisins

Juice and zest of half a juicy lemon

115g almonds 

Teaspoon of cinnamon 

Teaspoon of nutmeg

Half a teaspoon of ginger

Tablespoon of peanut butter

Teaspoon of coconut oil 


Pulse the almonds in a food processor until broken down nicely. Add all the other ingredients and blend until a sticky mixture forms. Take a tablespoon and roll into a ball, along with the rest of the mixture. Store in the fridge for an hour to solidify and enjoy! 


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