What’s up world. I’m Brianna a.k.a briaeatschia and I’m here to give you, the world of REAL, WORKING HUMAN BEINGS realistic healthy recipes. The aim is so you can make them EASILY with AFFORDABLE INGREDIENTS. But mostly so you can enjoy INTENSELY!

I’m not rich. I’m not privileged. I don’t live in London or LA. I’m not supported in any way by anyone, but myself. It seems in the healthy eating world, our community is ruled by wealthy individuals with a lot of time and money on their hands. Now there’s no problem with that in the slightest… Yet sometimes making easy meals is compromised or budgets forgotten. That’s what I’m here to change.

I’m a student from Exeter, living in Birmingham, working in retail. I write this blog on the side, as it’s an amazing outlet for my passion for a healthy lifestyle. I hope I can help others like me enhance their healthy lives with realistic advice and recipes!