Hello Hello!

My name is Brianna, but you can call me Bria.

As the plant-based world grows, so does it’s price-tag. In fact, this is just one of the re-occurring obstacles I have found myself facing as I explore the vegan world more. As time goes on, the people around me also mention little things they find challenging when ‘converting’, if you will, to this more natural way of life. So I decided to combat it…

My aim is to use this blog to discuss the negatives of vegan living, provide tips and suggestions to over come them, and also share my own tasty recipes to try out. I hope all of my posts contribute to a more accessible vegan world.

I am a simple student from the UK, and honesty is my mantra. Life has thrown me into various scenarios which have tested my inner strength, and all of them combined have highlighted the importance of honesty. Whether that is with friends, in relationships and even with ourselves. Honesty is the answer to every problem. I therefore incorporate that into my food. I listen to myself and am honest with what I desire and need. I will eat when I’m hungry, and I will eat what I crave. I believe everyone should eat what they desire; and as long as your diet is a healthy one, you shouldn’t restrict yourself at every meal (within reason). Life is just too short.

I have been challenged with eating in the past; struggling in particular with carbohydrates. I feel the media is to blame mainly for the bad light this energy source has been cast into, being framed as ‘calorie culprits’ and the answer to weight gain. In turn crash diets have stemmed, which labelled innocent carbs as something to be avoided. However, as my research broadened and my mind opened to a world of healthy living, I realised the importance carbs, along with fellow nutrients protein and fat. We need them to live. Life is too short to restrict ourselves from the nutrients our bodies need. Why compromise health for restriction, which damages and harms your body? Life is short, we must always remember that.

My story is complex but I will present the simplified version. I have, and do, suffer with mental illness. From a young age I suffered from severe anxiety and depression which lead to OCD; which even had me out of school for a period of time. I had phobias and rituals, beliefs and mantras. You name it, the 8-13 year old me had ’em. Doctors tried everything to help me, everything apart from offering me medication due to my age. Nothing worked. My parents and myself were my only options. Therefore, my parents moved me to a smaller school which could help me more as an innduvidual, and allowed me to get an education. I managed to take hold of my illnesses too, and learned to manage them.

After a few years, I’d developed myself and even landed 8 high grade GCSES and had completed a year of A-Levels. But then the illness came back. Whilst studying for my second year of A-Levels, the depression reared it’s ugly head. I would break down almost daily, my self esteem was below negative, and my social life was fizzling out. All I had was my studies… which eventually lead to a surge of anxiety. A fear of failure buzzed through my whole being day and night. I studied obsessively, hours and hours daily. It grew by the day, before my family and I agreed it was time to go back to the doctor. It was two weeks before my exams started that I was given medication to aid me in controlling the illness. This gave me such a boost. Suddenly a slight weight was lifted, and even though the load was still there; it was a little lighter. This allowed me to control my struggles and I felt much more balanced. Aside from this, I became passionate about plant-based living. In particular, Deliciously Ella. She was an idol for me and I was passionate about her recipes, as many are. Exercise also provided me with an amazing outlet. All of these factors lead to my recovery and management; which in turn lead to three fantastic A-Levels that got me into my first choice university.

As I progressed through university, the illness returned. I struggled to get up, go to lectures and seminars. My medication was doubled. That factor didn’t seem to agree with me, so I personally decided to go back to my original dose. But now, as time continues, I’m learning to manage it again. I am learning to listen to my body and make my decisions based on that. Anyone can succeed, as long as you allow yourself to do so.

I stand by complex carbs, good fats and rich protein; due to all of these being so crucial to every diet. I boycott fake, artificial vegan products and items stuffed with additives. My recipes and diet focus on natural ingredients the Earth provides! I therefore really hope this blog helps others on their own health and fitness journey, especially people like me, who are bound by financial and free-time restrictions; who need vegan living to be just a little simpler!

All my love,